Three River Farmers Alliance Farm to Workplace Program 


Fresh, Local Food right to your office! 

What is a CSA?

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a farmer­consumer partnership. CSA members make a commitment to the Three River Farmers Alliance (3RFA) farms for an entire season by buying a share upfront. This membership allows you access to fresh, local vegetables from each week’s harvest. CSA members share the rewards and the risks that can come with bad weather and pests. We also invite members to become involved with the farm with offered farm visits, tours, and events.

Why CSA?

?  Shareholders make a return on their investment in a normal year. CSA members usually receive 10­20% discount on the produce received throughout the CSA season.

?  Meet the farmers and know where your food comes from.

?  Freshness! Vegetables and fruit are picked just hours before you pick them up.

?  Learn more about the local food growers, the CSA community, and seasonal eating.

?  Spend locally, keep money in the community.

?  Try new veggies and varieties! Eat healthy!

The consumer isn’t the only one who benefits­­ the farmers also get the capital upfront to purchase supplies for the upcoming season. This support ensures that the farmer is able to preserve their agricultural land and enables them to cultivate greater biodiversity by growing many different varieties of heirloom vegetables.



Sourced from 4 local farms: Heron Pond Farm, Stout Oak Farm, Meadow’s Mirth, and Tuckaway Farm.
$325 “Little River” Share: suggested for 1-3 people
$500 “Big River” Share: suggested for 3-5 people

LOCAL MEAT OPTION: $250 3RFA offers an a-la-carte menu of humanely raised meats from Kellie Brook Farm, Bodwell Family Farm and Hackmatack Buffalo Farm. Products include: Poultry, Pork, Beef, and Bison. Their animals are not fed growth stimulants, hormones, antibiotics or animal by products. Available by pre-order each week; all meats will be delivered frozen to a cooler for pick-up with your veggie shares.


1 lb of cheese per week (16 weeks) based on availability.

Sourced from the best cheesemakers in the area:

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