Whippoorwill Dairy Farm
Contact: Thatcher Furnald and Megan Forentino
Address: 78 Stumpfield Rd Kensington, NH, 03833
Email Address:
Phone: 603-320-0615
About Us
The Whippoorwool is a small, family owned dairy farm started in 1928 that is currently on the fourth generation. We have just under 300 cows, ranging from a few days old to ten years old. We raise pasture raised grass finished beef. We farm around 400 acres of land between owned and rented. We grazing about 150 of those acres.
We pasture the cattle from early spring until we run out of grass in late fall. We rotate the cattle throughout the fields to ensure they are always grazing on lush green grass. This helps maintain proper growth of the animals with very little other inputs. Also we believe that even though grazing might take more labor, it produces a healthier and better animal compared to other methods as well as the scenic beauty of seeing a herd of cattle grazing on a hill side. We call our product pasture raised grass finished because they due receive grain to make sure they have a strong health start to life as well as meet their nutritional requirements in time that the pasture and grass silage can not . But the cattle are grass finished to provide a product that has some added nutritional and taste benefits