Short Creek Farm
Contact: David Viola
Address: 18 Winding Hill Rd. Northwood, NH, 03261
Email Address:
Phone: 401-864-9627
About Us
Short Creek Farm raises heritage breed hogs and beef on pasture. We sell frozen retail and bulk order meat, including our own handmade varieties of sausage.
Our pigs are raised naturally on pasture where they are free to root and graze. (Yes, pigs graze—vigorously, even. See for yourself!) We supplement the foods they find for themselves with certified non-GMO feed from Green Mountain Feeds in Vermont.

Retail cuts of pork as well as our own handmade sausages are available at farmers' markets in New Hampshire and Maine or, by special request, direct from the farm. We also sell pork in bulk as part of our Pastured Pork CSA program.