Flying Goat Farm
Contact: Devin Shepard
Address: 413 Mann Rd Acton, ME,
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Phone: 207-776-1846
About Us
Devin's passion is food. Largely self-taught, he has been the primary cheese maker at Flying Goat Farm since 2010. Before goats and cheese, Devin spent several years commercial fishing out of Port Clyde, Maine with his family's fishing fleet, followed by working at Rumery's Boatyard in Biddeford, Maine, as a marine diesel mechanic and finish technician.

Since 2012, Devin's full time job has been on the farm, making cheese and taking care of the goats. He loves working with chefs and foodies, talking about recipes, and he also comes up with the best names for the goat kids every spring.

Cara's roles at Flying Goat Farm include herd veterinarian, occasional design work, and other management tasks. A former art teacher, the experience of raising goats, especially kidding, gave her the inspiration to change careers and she graduated from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine with the class of 2016. She works part time at a nearby small animal clinic and also provides veterinary care to livestock in Maine and New Hampshire with her own mobile practice, Shepard, DVM.

While she would rather muck out the barn than press curds into molds, Cara can still make a mean f├ęta in a pinch.