For Customers: Why Buy Local?
 Knowing your local farmer has become a valued aspect of connecting with food, and with it brings relationship, accountability, and clear knowledge of how food is raised and who is raising it. Buying local supports farmers who grow for taste, diversity, and healthfulness rather than durability, transportation and uniformity.   


  • Promoting the local economy
  • Supporting your friends and neighbors
  • Reducing our use of fossil fuel                  
  • Preserving farmland and open space 
  • Preserving agricultural jobs
  • Advocating a local, sustainable food system 

Local Food Attributes:

  • higher quality
  • better flavor
  • longer shelf life
  • higher nutritional value
  • low level of pesticide exposure ?  
For Farmers: How to sell through Three River

Currently, Three River Farmers Alliance is a partnership among Heron Pond Farm, Meadow's Mirth Farm, and Stout Oak Farm, Tuckaway Farm, and Kellie Brook Farm. We are interested in developing new ways to reach more customers. In time we hope to expand the number of producers in our cooperative. 

If you are interested in joining the group, send an email to Customer Service and when we are ready to expand, we will contact you to discuss the process of selling through Three River Farmers Alliance.