Bell & Goose Cheese Co.
Contact: Anna Cantelmo
Address: 299 Main Ave South Hampton, NH, 03827
Email Address:
Phone: 603-793-3989
About Us
Bell & Goose Cheese Co. is located on Heron Pond Farm where Anna lives with her husband Andre and their two kids, for whom the business is named after. Anna was most recently the head cheese maker at Appleton Farms in Ipswich MA. Her career in cheese began more than a decade ago at Savenours working behind the cheese counter.

Standing orders of cheese curds and camembert available on request.
Bell & Goose Cheese is made in small batches so that each cheese receives the attention needed for real quality and flavor. We work with milk from just 10 minutes down the road at Bodwell's Dairy. The cows are pasture raised, the milk is always clean fresh and rich, a real treat to work with.