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Three River Farmers Alliance is a local food distribution company based in the Seacoast of NH. Beginning as a collaboration among Heron Pond Farm, Meadow's Mirth Farm, Stout Oak Farm, Kellie Brook Farm, and Tuckaway Farm, we are working to meet the growing demand for local food. Our online marketplace provides a "one-stop shop" for ordering fresh, healthy, local food, from a variety of farms.

Interested in joining the Alliance as a producer?

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Three River Farmers Alliance is currently supplying fresh, local food to restaurants, institutions, and food distributors in the Seacoast of NH and North Shore of MA. We offer an extensive selection of locally grow, seasonally available produce with a convenient year-round, weekly delivery service.  

Interested in joining the Alliance as a customer?

 Please contact us

 Weekly orders can be placed through our mobile app, or click here. The order deadline is Tuesdays at 2am.  On Tuesdays, the farm crew spends their days harvesting and washing the orders, preparing them for delivery. 

 The Three River truck goes out for delivery:

  • Seacoast, NH on Wednesdays 
  • North Shore, MA and Manchester, NH on Thursdays 
We bring you the closest, freshest, best quality produce at a fair, economical price.  It is up to you to make it into your own masterpiece!




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